Reach Out Arts Programs

photo of a senior man chair dancing with a young girl

“You really feel like you are making a difference.” – Outreach student

Reach Out Arts programs in Hudson Valley, NY, use the arts and their many forms to help seniors and people with special needs. But our students also discover that when they make connections to others through their own creativity, they benefit too.

“Outreach gives you such a good feeling.” – Outreach student

We train you in the Outreach principle, put simply, how to bring the intention to help others with your creativity. Our programs take place in assisted living facilities or classroom environments and are monitored by teaching artists who have been trained as facilitators. So you get to develop your talents while you help others.

Reach Out programs are designed for everyone regardless of skill level. All you need is a love of your creativity and the desire to share it.

Once you learn how to apply this Outreach intention to your art, you’ll discover it can be applied any time and any place. If you are a lover of the arts you’ll find you make stronger connections to the people around you. If you are a professional, you’ll find you make stronger connections to your audience.

Sing Out! Reach Out!
Paint Out! Reach Out!