Sing Out! Reach Out!

photo of two young girls holding hands with a senior womanMusic Education Program at Australia National University

Transform the community with Music!

In our award winning “Sing Out! Reach Out!” Program, children reach out with music to help senior citizens in nursing homes and retirement communities primarily in Dutchess and Westchester Counties. It’s a win-win situation. For the children, it gives a “giving” focus to their music-making, which not only feels good, but brings many other benefits besides. For the seniors—well, they just love it!

The program is fully interactive. That is, the children and seniors make music together. So it’s not at all like a formal concert, just informal social interaction with music. They sing well-known songs like “You Are My Sunshine” which are easy to sing and familiar to the seniors.

Who is Suitable?

Anyone aged 5-18 years. No prior musical experience or skill necessary. The only requirements are an enjoyment of music and a desire to use it for social good. So-called “non-musicians” are welcome!


  • Builds self esteem and confidence
  • Helps stage-fright and shyness
  • Great way to make friends
  • Develops singing (and other musical) skills
  • Enhances social skills and awareness
  • Enhances memorization skills
  • Develops a nurturing, compassionate attitude
  • Great way of connecting to the local community

Our “Sing Out! Reach Out” Program is based on the work of John Diamond M.D., the world’s leading expert on using music for wellness and community enhancement. They have been successfully developed in Europe, Australia and the U.S.


Lanza Family Center,
White Plains, NY

Laurel Ridge, Ridgefield, CT

R.E.A.L Skills, Family Partnership Center, Poughkeepsie, NY
ThistleWaithe Learning Center, South Salem, NY